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Are you considering reusable nappies but would like to try them first?

Here at The Nappy Lady™ we pride ourselves on helping and supporting families with the advice they need on their reusable/washable nappy journey. We are very pleased to now be able to offer a nationwide incentive scheme to all parents in the UK.

It is lovely to see that many local authorities around the UK are offering schemes to encourage families to make a start with cloth nappies, but this is very much a postcode lottery. The Nappy Lady™ Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme is open to families across the UK, making it accessible even if your local council doesn’t have a scheme in place.

We have worked hard with some of our (and our customers’) favourite brands, and together we can offer you a choice of 4 different incentive kits, meaning there is a kit for every baby and every family’s circumstances. These kits are designed to help you make the switch to reusable nappies by trying a sample at a hugely subsidised price. Kits will be available during pregnancy and for babies up to 6 months in age.

As you can always expect from TNL, your kit will come with all the help, advice and support you need from the beginning and throughout your reusable nappy journey.

TNL Reusable Nappy Sample Pack - £5

If you are unsure about reusable nappies and would like to see/feel one prior to considering them further then this is the ideal kit for you. It gives you the opportunity to get a single nappy at a reduced price so that you can see how it works and make an informed choice on if these are the type of nappy you wish to use on your baby.

This kit contains:

  • A reusable nappy
  • Help and advice 

The nappy included will vary, some examples could include Tots Bots, Hippynut, La Petite Ourse and others.


TNL Reusable Nappy Budget Pack - £12.99

This kit is ideal for you if you are are considering reusable nappies and are looking for the most cost effective option to make the most of your budget.

This kit contains:

  • A terry square
  • A Disana tie on nappy
  • A Tots Bots bamboozle pad
  • A Tots Bots bamboozle wrap
  • A Nappy Nippa
  • Help and advice
  • 15% single use discount code for the website


TNL Reusable Nappy Taster Pack - £30

If you would like to try a small selection of various nappy types and brands so you can compare them side by side then this is an ideal kit for you.

This kit contains:

  • A Little Lovebum Popper & Pocket nappy cover
  • A Little Lovebum bamboo & hemp trifold insert
  • Close Pop In nappy
  • A Little Lamb bamboo fitted nappy
  • A Rumparooz wrap
  • Help and advice
  • 15% single use discount code for the website



TNL Best Sellers Nappy Pack - £55

This kit is most suited to those who know they wish to use reusable nappies but are indecisive about which type or brand to choose. It contains 5 of our best-selling premium nappies and a waterproof wrap, giving you the chance to try out some of our best selling nappies before you commit to a full set.

This kit contains:

  • A Mother-ease Uno
  • A Little Lovebum All In One nappy (Quickdry or Everyday)
  • A La Petite Ourse All In One nappy
  • A Baba+Boo pocket nappy
  • A Tots Bots Bamboozle
  • A Mother-ease Airflow wrap
  • Help and advice
  • 20% single use discount code for the website


For Full details of The Nappy Lady reusable nappy incentive kits and to apply visit our Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme page


The Nappy Lady Nappy Library

The Nappy Lady service offers reusable nappy kits that you can hire and rent from The Nappy Lady Cloth Nappy Library.  Cloth nappy hire kit Services are available to hire from The Nappy Lady nappy library across the UK sent to you via the post. Nappy hire kits save you the cost using newborn disposable nappies on your baby and lowers your impact on the environment.



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