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Nappy Belt System For Elimination Communication (EC)

Nappy Belt System For Elimination Communication (EC)

What is elimination communication?

Elimination Communications or EC is also known as baby assisted pottying or infant potty training.

Eliminate Communication is a method by which caregivers utilise timing, signals to address a child's need to eliminate waste. The caregiver tries to identify the needs of babies in order to help them urinate in a potty.

It is a process that gives babies the chance to nurture their natural instincts. There's no teaching and no stress involved. Simply watch the baby's rhythm and signs to allow them to eliminate more safely and respectfully.

What are the benefits of elimination communication?

You can save money by purchasing fewer cloth nappies and baby wipes and avoid the use of expensive disposable nappies.

As baby will be using the potty instead of nappies you will also reduce your washing machine use as there will be fewer soiled nappies.

EC is generally started from early on following birth however some families start later. EC is more hygienic and helps baby to keep clean and minimise rashes.

Can you do EC and still use nappies?

Yes definitely most people mix EC with reusable nappies. EC does not require that you quit using a cloth nappy; those who do EC consider these items as backups instead of toilets.

Some families carry out EC part-time or use reusable nappies just for night-time, whatever is right for your family. For the daytime when you are actively "ECing" there are specialist EC reusable nappies or a nappy belt.

How do you start EC?

Observing can help you start eliminating communication.

Make notes when baby goes and any indications that baby gave. This can help you spot any patterns for your baby.

Most parents start EC from newborn or a young baby by the time they are a toddler many families who EC are reliably using the potty or toilet.

The Nappy Lady sells a Top Hat Potty especially designed for EC. These potties come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your child.


What are EC nappies?

EC nappies are one size lower absorbency as they are designed as back up to catch "misses." The nappy won't be needed to hold more than one small wee meaning the pads won't get very wet. EC nappies are designed to give quick access for moving baby onto the potty.


So what are nappy belts?

Nappy belts are onesize and are designed to hold a flat pad such as a prefold nappy or a muslin cloth between babies legs.

The pad is shaped into a rectangular fold and the parent will tuck the pad place under the elasticated prefold belt.

When it is time to use the potty the pad can be pulled down quickly and easily. Nappy Belt systems work best with split crotch pants or leg warmers.

Unless the child is very dry at night or you continue to put baby on the potty during the night before you breastfeed, many people choose to use higher absorbency night time nappies. Options for these are below.


How do you put on the belt?

A nappy belt is a garment worn by your child at the waist. Nappy belts are elasticated and are pulled up over the legs so they sit at the waist.

The parent will tuck a cloth pad in front and back keeping the fabric secured under the belt. When little one needs the potty, the fabric from the front of the cloth is easily untucked from the front.

What are the benefits of nappy prefold belts?

Nappy belts are a very cheap and economical nappy system. When used with split crotch pants you wouldn't require a waterproof cover over the top as you'll have super fast access to the nappy pad.

If you are at the start of your EC journey the ultra quick access can help with the frequent offering of the potty however if you get many "misses" you could find yourself needing many pairs of split crotch trousers if the miss is large and soaks through.

When parenting is a struggle

Elimination communication does not necessarily create your super-Mum. Sometimes it doesn't work out for you and your baby or maybe either of you is having an off day.

EC can be low maintenance but does take time to establish. At the start you may find that you go through 20 changes a day as you have 20 "misses." As EC carries on you may end up having an an entire day without any "misses" and have no need to change nappies at all.

Try to stay consistent but not necessarily perfect.

Where do I start?

Use The Nappy Lady Advice service to receive a recommendation on the best EC system and EC accessories for you.

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