Which Reusable Nappies To Choose?

11 CommentsFriday, 29 September 2017

There is no simple answer to this, it all depends on your circumstances and your priorities but DON'T buy nappies because:
a) It worked for your friend,
b) Someone on a social media forum told you it was best
c) It's cheap or on offer

The place to start is to fill in our tailored advice questionnaire
Once you've filled in our advice questionnaire we'll be able to fully assess YOUR circumstances and priorities and recommend the BEST systems for YOU!

After you've received your advice
After you've received your advice we're still on hand to help you. We'll happily answer any questions you have just email us back or give us a call and have a chat to Wendy about the recommendation and any concerns you have.

Once parents have received their advice some go on to:
a) Buy a full kit so they have everything ready. This is a great choice for parents who are fully committed and want to avoid getting used to disposables. They've bought they nappies and they are going to darn well used them and not waste their money.

b) Buy a trial kit of nappies we're recommended. They can experiment as they aren't sure if cloth nappies are definitely for them or they want to compare between two part nappies and all in ones for example.  I'd warn against getting more than 3 types as it gets more confusing trying all different sorts and there is always the risk you become a nappy junkie buying something of everything!   A trial can be just a few days or even several months and during a trial you'd be using disposables as well. 

c) Some buy secondhand (preloved) but a word of warning you have no guarantee of quality, if the nappies are genuinely the nappy/version they were advised as, how they have been cared for or even fakes as there are counterfeit copies on the market of some key brands.

d) Some people completely ignore their advice recommendation from us. It's fine I don't get offended if you don't agree with it!  However bear in mind we regularly get these same people coming back wishing they'd followed our advice in the first place.   We have many years of experience and expertise with cloth nappies, we ONLY sell nappy related products so it is very much our specialism.  We only sell reliable products whatever your budget.

We look forward to help you choose your nappies and begin your nappy journey.

Olivia Beckett
Sunday, 15 January 2017  |  22:56

Hi, I am a FTM and really like the idea of reusable nappies. I like the idea of the pocket nappies, but really my knowledge of all the pros and cons is limited when it comes to cloth nappies. I know that I'd like to have nappies that last from birth to potty, and I want to get the best quality I can get without paying top dollar. Suggestions?


Thursday, 19 January 2017  |  18:49

Hi Olivia, The best place to start is our advice questionnaire found here https://www.thenappylady.co.uk/advice-questionnaire.html there is a lot we need to consider to recommend the best nappy system for you. We cover all the points in the questionnaire and will probably get you thinking of points you never even knew were important. we'll then assess your needs and send you a full recommendation letter. All of this is a FREE service. Wendy

Sunday, 25 June 2017  |  21:12

I have a 14month old and have lots of tots bots pocket nappies that have been a real problem. I got them second hand. They always leak, and my baby always smells as soon as she's done a wee. I find if I use them I'm constantly changing her. I have a few tots bots nappies with wraps but even these seem to leak.

Any suggestions?! I think I may need to buy boosters and more wraps. I don't really want to spend a fortune on new nappies. Is there any way I can improve what I have?

Thank you

Tuesday, 11 July 2017  |  10:06

Hi Alina
It may well be that they nappies are just worn out. All in one/pocket types get a lot of wear and when they are second hand you don't know how much use they have already had. The fact that they smell also suggests they haven't been washed well in the past. I'd test the pul but putting a damp booster inside on the pul and leaving for 30mins to see if it works through to the outside. if it does there is nothing can be done to save them.

same with your wraps. We recommend the motherease wraps as they are the most long lasting and ultra reliable.

Thursday, 5 April 2018  |  8:20

We have been using cloth, as much as we can, for the last 4 months we have a selection of new and second little lamb, however I'm finding them getting a little tight already he is only 13lb, do we need to switch up already? If so I might try something different like sands. What size would I get? I'm sure the ll are supposed to be till 20lb but with a a bamboo and flee e liner they're rather tight, and assume the whole tab of Velcro needs to be stuck to the front otherwise it would likely make baby's skin sore? Advice please? X

Saturday, 7 April 2018  |  21:09

Little lambs do come up shorter and smaller than other brands and are often outgrown before the weight range on larger babies. Definitely go for a more generous cut like Sandys or bamboozles in the bigger size.

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