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Can You Still Buy Washable Nappies?

This might seem a strange blog post on a website selling washable nappies but it's a frequently used search term on Google so I thought I'd answer it!

Simple answer is ABSOLUTELY you can still buy reusable nappies! 

Harrington Gold Terry Nappies

Traditional washable nappies would have been Terry Squares. Your Mum or Granny might mention the Holy Grail of Terry Nappies the famed "Harrington Gold Terry Squares."  This brand is sadly no longer made but you'll find the WhiteBots a very similar quality to the Harrington Golds your relatives remember. If you want something brighter see the Bright Bots Colours Terries.


Modern Cloth Nappies

However reusable nappies have come a very long way in the last 30+ years and now modern cloth nappies are just as simple as disposable nappies.  No folding, no pins, super high absorbency, fully breathable and no plastic! 


Aggghhhrrr Plastic Pants....

Worried about ugly crinkly sweaty plastic pants?  These are long gone!
Modern nappy covers are fully breathable, soft, gentle and reliable! See some of the best sellers below.