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The Mother-ease Story

Mother-ease is a Canadian cloth diaper manufacturer, started by Erika Froese in 1991.

As a stay at home mother with four children using a traditional style of cloth diapers (the style your grandma used), Erika simply had enough!

Determined that there must be a better way, she planned and designed one of the first ever “fitted” diaper systems. Through years of testing with her fourth and eventually fifth child, sourcing and custom making fabrics, she finished the design that met all three of her needs: super absorbent, contained any mess, and most importantly, convenience. 

The One Size diaper and Air Flow cover were born!

Mother ease began as a small basement company in 1991 and today, Erika and her husband Rick work together running their 10,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, offices and a boutique store serving the Niagara region.



Mother-ease Philosophy:

Mother-ease is a socially responsible, green powered Canadian manufacturer, committed to exceeding customer expectations with original designs including natural and organic (eco-friendly) cloth diaper systems while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


Fun Facts:

Mother-ease was one of the FIRST online stores in Canada. We launched our ecommerce store in March, 2000!

We use over 100,000 snaps per month – that’s over one million per year!

The Sandy’s Fitted Diaper was designed for heavy wetters and named after Erika’s fourth son. Today, Sandy (short for Alexander) helps with customer service and sales!


What is the most important thing to Mother-ease Cloth Diapers?

Erika – a diapering system parents can rely on. Never needing to worry which diaper they have on, whether the baby is going down for a nap or on a play date, they just work and never leak!

I’ve carefully sourced the BEST fabrics, elastics and PUL. We meticulously cut and sew each diaper ensuring our customer receives our very best – and it shows! We continuously receive testimonials from parents who have used the same set of diapers child after child. I always smile when I hear that, thinking about the environment and how many disposable diapers we’ve kept out of the landfill!


Did you ever expect Mother-ease to become the brand it is today?

Erika – Certainly not. When I started in 1991 there were only a handful of brands.  It was challenging and exciting to see Mother-ease grow.


What is your most memorable moment?

Erika – That would be right at the start of Mother-ease. I attended an eco-fair where we landed our first distributor for the Austrian market. It was the largest order we had ever received – difficult but very rewarding!

Rick – a number of years ago a customer walked into our local boutique with one of our nappies. It had been purchased a number of months ago and she was upset that most of the cotton was missing. It was clear that she had bleached the nappy incorrectly and dissolved the cotton right off the terry. I explained what happened and told her that I would replace it for her. She looked up at me with a bright smile and thanked me for the great service. She then said, I wanted to see how you were going to deal with my problem and because of your great service I would like to purchase 12 more.

It’s always been a constant reminder of how important it is to give good customer service. When you stand behind your products everyone wins!

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